A2A, is short for Accredited2Accredited.  We are a Digital Edutainment Company.  A2A serves high income wage earners.  We teach our students how to achieve financial independence by having their passive income exceed their expenses.  To us that is what an accredited investor should be or aspire to become.  Therefore, to differentiate our definition and that of the United States Securities and Exchange commission, we will use A2 .   Thus, the accredited investors who are A have sufficient passive income to pay for their expenses vs. only income they work for and/or net worth.  Neither of which can fund their expenses indefinitely which creates vulnerability.

Thus, our flagship product is the Financial Freedom Formula™ which provides an easy to replicate, step-by-step system to begin buying and/or building assets which generate passive income allowing one to build wealth faster utilizing tax efficient Passive Income Generators (PIGs).  This type of income can replace one’s higher taxed earned income in a few short years vs. working 30+ years and realizing you have insufficient funds to ever stop working for money.  Minimizing taxes with PIGs can double one’s income and accelerates their wealth building process.

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Accredited Investors which are Aown 95% of the wealth yet most people are trained to be on the left side of the quadrant.  


Most Financial Advisors, HR departments, nor Schools can teach you how to achieve financial independence since they do NOT know.


A2A will get you to the right side of the quadrant where you can have the option of controlling 95% of the wealth.  


A2A Education is a suite of proprietary On-Line educational Products to help Investors and are available via our membership portal. 



The A2A Show features experts from a broad range of competencies and/or asset classes. It is a peer to peer show to learn from other Accredited Investors vs. academics.



This is our weekly Live Show and Q&A Session where Gena Teaches and has other guests provide their knowledge and expertise.    Visit our calendar via this link to see our schedule.


Gena Lofton

Founder & CEO

Gena is the Founder of A2A.  She is an active investor in multiple asset classes.  PrimarilyBuying  and/or Building undervalued Assets which generate tax-efficient passive income by using good debt and reducing her taxes. Most of the societal problems are a direct result of people who don't do this which is caused by Financial Illiteracy.  Financial Illiteracy has become so dangerous, that it is incomprehensible why society refuses to address the problem which Alan Greenspan warns is the biggest problem which continues to be ignored.  Financial illiteracy has been in her life since birth having been abandoned as a toddler and grew up in the Foster care system in South Central Los Angeles.

She considers herself fortunate and counts her many blessings as that gave her the curiosity to teach herself Financial literacy.  Unlike those who took out the $1.4t of student loan debt in an attempt to learn Financial literacy in school.  Gena learned outside of the school system primary via reading and practicing the Rich Dad Company Principals and Philosophies. The school system cannot teach what it doesn't know. 


In 2007, Gena wanted to protect herself from the Financial Collapse which she knew was imminent at the time due to her knowledge of the banking industry.  Additionally, her constant pursuit of transformational endeavors led her to join the management team of the largest Pay TV Company in the world (DIRECTV).  Gena performed Strategy and Technology for most of the products launched during the past decade such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, 4K, Directv everywhere in addition to the website and advertising sales.  As a result the business grew and was sold to ATT for $48.5b in 2015.  

One (1) year after joining DIRECTV, the financial collapse occurred which began the printing of the money by the Fed. Remember, the Hank Paulson, $700b Bazooka. Thus, she knew that she had to reduce her taxes since earned income is the highest taxed income. Any high-income wage earner who resides in a high-income tax state such as California could pay 50% in Taxes combining Federal, State, and Social Security. Thus, unless she began to aggressively reduce her taxes she would never achieve financial freedom.

So, she assembled a team and learned how to use the Tax Code to reduce her taxes by buying/building passive income generators (PIGs).  Had she not done this, she would have NEVER been able to pay the least amount in taxes and invest the savings into more passive income generators which were tax efficient.  As a result, in only a few short years, she had  replaced her highly taxed earn income with lower taxed passive income.  This made so much more sense then working until she was 65 and investing in in a 401k.

She wrote a book, entitled "Escape the Madness, The 10 Steps to Get out of the Rat Race" which helps the reader achieve financial freedom by learning the 10 steps she took to get her passive income to exceed her expenses.  While building DIRECTV over the years it became apparent that there is so little content to help educate people financially, she decided to create A2A.  Thus, A2A was a vision which she had planned to launch once she concluded the merger efforts transitioning DIRECTV to ATT. The Flagship Financial Freedom Formula™product is a successor to the book and the exact same formula which enabled Gena to buy/build over $50b in assets, such as 4k Apartment units, Assisted Living Facilities, Oil and Gas, inclusive of  DIRECTV.  You can watch/listen to Gena's story which is a musical representation of her life and the methodology via this link.  

Gena is an internationally recognized speaker, author, media expert and Conference Contributor.  Gena is single, never married, and remains an active investor across multiple asset classes. She spends her time enjoying life and traveling the globe with other accredited whom are often guests on her show. She is active in her community and the E&Y Alumni Association.

Gena's corporate career expands across multiple industries.  As stated earlier she was part of the Management Team at DIRECTV through the sale to ATT for $48.5b in 2015.  Prior to DIRECTV, she held a successful career at Ernst & Young performing strategy and technology for multiple Global Fortune 500 Industry Leaders until the sale of Ernst & Young to Cap Gemini for $11b in 2002.  Gena holds a Masters of Business Administration and undergrad in prelaw/finance.



Mr. Johnston credits much of his career success to his supervisor in his first civilian job after his Navy service, who instilled in him during his early ’20’s: “Plan your work, then work your plan”.Early in his career, Carl recognized that he wanted his money to work for him, vs. continually working for new money, and the value of combining formal education with “hands-on experience” to achieve his objectives. Shortly after joining Union Bank’s HQ office in Los Angeles after Navy service, he began night school at UCLA focused on investment real property operations and MBA work at the University of So. California. With “dirty shoes” experience in construction inspection, income property appraisal and construction lending at Union Bank, he joined Coldwell Banker’s Investment Property Financing group, where he arranged both construction & long-term financing for shopping centers, office buildings/parks and industrial properties in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles and all of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to the west and north. After several years of successful brokering of investment property financing, he re-directed his interests to personal financial management & commercial property brokerage in Silicon Valley. He completed requirements to earn the CFP designation, registered with the SEC as a Securities Representative, Principal, and Investment Advisor and gained licensing to sell life & disability insurance while remaining active in commercial property design, leasing, and sales in the Greater San Franciso Bay area. He developed and managed commercial properties until he shifted focus to manage only his own properties, thru a real estate limited partnership [RELP], at age 52.

Mr. Johnston achieved Accredited status in his mid-40’s, long before he closed his Financial Management practice, mainly through combining the benefits of tax deferral through real property depreciation, financial leverage and the wonder of recurring monthly income from commercial property development and management activities. With the predictable monthly renewal of his cash reserves, he has expanded his investment activities into Direct Working Interests in Oil & Gas properties and Private Placement interests in quality real property syndications and a broad range of natural resource and private equity deals in Silicon Valley technology and medical research efforts. Carl’s institutional education includes a BS degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University, 19 University of California Extension certificates in Real Estate, MBA in Finance from University of Southern California, Certified Financial Planner [“CFP”] from the College for Financial Planning and a Lifetime Teaching Credential in Real Estate & Finance subjects at the University of California. Since re-directing his investment activities in his early 50’s he has discovered an interest in “early stage” investments in natural resource-related private placement opportunities. Carl attributes most of his financial achievements to his early decision to seek success in investment real property operations and his willingness to “pay the price required” to gain both formal education and practical experience his preferred career. He and his beautiful wife VSL Judy divide their time between homes in Victoria, BC and Northern California.


These are our primary service providers.


Provision provides all of our CPA/Tax Planning Services and you can get help by visiting them directly.


Corporate Direct is our Attorney for Asset Protection and Risk Management.  If you would like to receive a $100 discount for any new entity, then feel free to do so via this link.  

Estate Planning

It's best to plan to your death while you are alive.  Therefore, you can get your estate and living trust started now.



Here are a few other resources which are useful for Accredited Investors.

Personal Capital

Excellent and free online Tool to manage your Personal Finances.


Interactive Brokers, They are best for buying retail.  based in Connecticut. They support in excess of 19 countries thru one online platform. This Brokerage is best recognized for serious investors as the best combination of expansive reach and low execution costs for the best bang for the buck. You can buy foreign issues very inexpensively. You can access them via this link.

Sprott, based in Carlsbad, California, although they are Canadian. They support private placements and do NOT support trading online. But they do allow you to have a Self Directed IRA and a ROTH IRA which I find to be very useful for minimizing taxes. Here is the link.

Haywood, They can support everything which Sprott can support except for ROTH and Self Directed IRA accounts. Here is the link to their website.

Securities and Exchange Commission

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Access this site to learn more about Accredited Investors and to begin due diligence on any company you are thinking of doing business. 


Useful website for researching subjects related to investing.


Here are Recommended Books which Accredited Investors should read. This is not an exhaustive list of all books.


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